Three Steps to Intelligence-Led Policing 

How Knowledge Graphs Make A Safer World


Discover the power of Knowledge Graphs in Criminal Intelligence Analysis

Without a comprehensive data analysis system, law enforcement agencies cannot operate at their peak efficiency. Investigations involve sifting through multiple, varied data sources, each with its unique structure and access methods.

The knowledge graph approach bridges these silos, providing a comprehensive structure to data and a single source of intelligence. Many agencies still lack the software and tools for adequate data analysis, emphasising the need for effective techniques.

Crafted by our experience, this e-book propose a three-step process to leverage knowledge graph for criminal intelligence. Understand how intelligence agencies organise, compile and query vast amounts of varied data rapidly, opening up a realm of limitless possibilities for further analysis and applications such as intelligence automation or pattern recognition.



What our customers say about Hume

When a child goes missing, every minute counts. With Hume, we don’t have to start from scratch every time an event like this is reported. Our data is available and ready to be analysed. We can act fast and save lives.”

“The system has instantaneously produced results that would have taken a human a significant amount of time to conduct manual analysis, and in some cases identified links that would have unlikely been identified at all.”

“I feel like a caveman that discovered fire.”